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4C's of Coleridge Elementary School
Posted On:
Monday, September 10, 2018

Coleridge teachers being:

creative~collaborative~communicating~critical thinking

3rd grade Alley Crook – for discussing classroom behavior and interruptions during class. She used creativity, as she read “My Mouth Is a Volcano”, followed by an exploding Coca Cola soft drink! The students worked on a graphic organizer following the demonstration. What a great way to make it real for the students Miss Crook! 


5th grade teachers – for inspiring students’ creativity and collaboration using random pictures and encouraging students to create a story feed as a class. Students enjoyed the silly, funny stories that developed! If you see a 5th grader, ask them!


4th Chris Marley- for working on teamwork and team building activities to kick off the school year! Students used this growth mindset basis to allow them to work in teams of two on Chrome books by the end of the week to do research of North Carolina. Building a “family” in all classrooms!


1st grade Maggie Dupree – for using a great communication strategy with her read aloud, as she asked the students to “turn-and-talk” and posed questions throughout the book. She even encouraged them to give reasons by adding “because” to their conversations. Good use of classroom collaboration Mrs. Dupree!


Coleridge Teachers – for working on so many team building activities to kick off a great school year!

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