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Bienvenidos!  Welcome!  My name is Ami Meadows and I have been teaching ESL in the Randolph County School System for 11 years. I graduated from the University of New York at Buffalo with a BA in English and later, I added my ESL teaching certificate. I love my job and I love watching my English Language Learners grow and learn!


The more you read,                                          Cuanto mas se lee,

The more you know.                                          Cuanto mas se sabe.

The more you know,                                          Cuanto mas se sabe,

The smarter you grow.                                       el mas inteligente que crece.

The smarter you grow,                                       El mas inteligente que crece,

The stronger your voice.                                     mas fuerte sera su voz.

When speaking your mind                                   Al hablar de su mente,

or making your choice.                                       o hacer su eleccion.

          Author Unknown                                                          Autor desconocido