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Mrs.  Donna  Coco
AIG Specialist Teacher
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Reading Grade 5


I went to Clifford Elementary School (K-1) and Walter Hill Elementary School (for 2-6) located in Swedesboro, NJ which is in the southwest region of New Jersey.  I went to Kingsway Regional High School (grades 7-12) which was located in Woolwich Twp., NJ and is was directly across from my home.  Once a Dragon Always a Dragon is our slogan.  I went to Stockton State College and UNC-G for education.  I received my Masters of Education in Middle School from UNC-G.  I attended High Point University for my AIG certification.  Presently I am back in college at High Point University for my doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) and for my superintendents license.


I began as a substitute for Randolph County Schools shortly after moving to the Randolph County.  This gave me time with my three sons as they were growing up and playing all of the sports they could fit into their schedules.  After a while I decided it was time to get back to the other side of education.  I worked at UNC-G with grant projects for two professors for a few years.

I joined Randolph County Schools in August 2000 (again) and began teaching at NERMS.  I taught 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies.  I also helped to start the Soccer team at NERMS and helped coached Soccer for both the boys team and girls teams.  In August 2007, I made the change to elementary and to teach AIG students.  I still coached soccer for a couple more years after I left middle school.

My favorite thing about working in Randolph County School System is that our teachers and staff are truly devoted to educating the whole student.


I was born and grew up in the north - New Jersey.  Actually South Jersey as "we" call it - Exit 2 of the NJ Turnpike.  I grew up on a "dirt farm".  What is a dirt farm you ask?  Very good question.  A cattle farm has cattle.  A tobacco farm has tobacco.  A dairy farm has dairy cows for milk.  A dirt farm grows vegetables.  We grew asparagus, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes to sell at the farmers' auction.  We had semi-in-ground greenhouses which were greenhouses that were partially in the ground so you had to step down when you went inside.  The farm was called "Wintergreen Farm" because my maiden name is Winter and we grew green plants.

I love to garden and love music.  There is always a song playing in my mind.  I have been a director of several choirs over the years but now I get to hold my grandson when my son performs.

I am also a published author with three coordinate graphing books in the series.  The title of the book series is called "Making Coordinate Graphing Fun".  The first and second book have been sold internationally in Europe.  The third book became public in March 2015.  I am in the process of writing two more math coordinate graphing books and a story book with my nieces and nephews as the characters.