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Classroom Dojo -Behavior Management Plan  

Classroom Dojo   Class Dojo

Classroom Dojo is a behavior system where students’ behavior can be monitored throughout the day. Teachers can use an ipad, Smartphone, or computer and continuously adjust a student’s behavior points.  If someone is off task, the teacher can take points away.  If they begin to focus, they get points and move up.  By the end of the day, in theory, you have a measure of how good (or bad) the student’s behavior was.

The students’ points can be projected on our Smartboard so students can actually see how they are being rated – judged – at any given time.  And all the other students can see everyone as well.

Student Motivation 

Students are highly motivated by both their avatars as well as by the points they receive.  Student get to hear a positive "ding" each time a point is given.  In my classroom, we set goals to help students stay motivated.  Kids love seeing their point bubbles raise!  

Classroom Attendance Information  


          Promptness to class is very important as we have a very full schedule in second grade. Students arriving after 7:55 am will be considered tardy and shall report to the office with an adult to sign in. Additionally, please understand that early dismissals count as “tardies” as well. Students leaving before 11:25 am or arriving after 11:25 are to be counted absent for the day.


School hours are 7:55-2:45. Students should be at school no later than 7:55 in order to start their day. Students may come in the classroom anytime after 7:30 am. Please note that anytime before 7:30 teachers/staff may not be on campus or available to watch students. Students arriving before 7:30 need to enroll in Daycare provided by the school. Regular attendance is essential to succeed in school.  Upon returning to school from an absence, the student must bring a signed note from his or her parent or a doctors note listing the dates and circumstances of the absence(s).  You must send a written excuse for any/all absences from school after returning to class to get this taken care of through Power School. Class will dismiss at 2:40 for K-2 and for 3-5 at 2:45.


Breakfast, Lunch And Snack Information  



FREE Breakfast for All Students

Monday – Choice of Egg & Cheese, Sausage or Chicken Biscuit Pancakes w/Sausage, Fresh Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, Raisins, 1% or Skim Milk

Tuesday – Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Bagel or WG Cinnamon Roll, 100% Fruit Juice , Raisins, 1% or Skim Milk

Wednesday – Choice of Egg & Cheese, Sausage or Chicken BiscuitPancakes w/Sausage, Fresh Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, Raisins, 1% or Skim Milk

Thursday – Choice of French Toast or WG Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, Fresh Fruit, Raisins, 1% or Skim Milk

Friday – Choice of Egg & Cheese, Sausage or Chicken Biscuit

Pancakes w/Sausage, Fresh Fruit, 100% Fruit Juice, Raisins, 1% or Skim Milk


 Snack and Lunch


Lunchtime is from 11:30-12:10. This year lunch is $2.00 reduced price is $.40 and lunch may be prepaid weekly or monthly.  You may also pay for your child’s lunch at www.lunchprepay.com. Here you will also be able to see what your child is buying. Your child still may bring money daily but the prepay plan eliminates the possibility of them losing their money. Your child will be able to buy ice cream or other snacks from the cafeteria daily.  Milk is $.50 and ice cream is $.50. I have a little refrigerator in the room so if you send juice boxes for lunch we can put them in there to keep them cold. Occasionally we will prepare special snacks associated with learning and I will inform you before if we are going to do so. We will not have a designated snack time during the school day.



Homework Information  



Your child will have homework Monday – Thursday. Homework will be placed in your child’s BLUE folder. Please make sure the folder is returned to school each day. Your child is expected to read 15 minutes each night and record it in their reading log. I will send home weekly books for your child to read, but your child is not limited to only reading those books. This will begin when Guided Reading Begins. Until Guided Reading begins please have your child reading books at home. Homework is work that reviews things we have done on the given day or reviews work or concepts we have covered in the past. For Math homework parents will initial the Mathematics sheet that will be in the BLUE folder as soon as we start math homework this will be turned in on a daily basis. Their Reading homework will be in a baggie with a folder to document your child's reading in a log. 




Your child’s safety is very important to me. If your child’s mode of transportation changes anytime during the year please let me know via a note, in your child‘s folder or please call the front office. Children sometimes get confused about how they get home and I just want to make sure they get home safely each and EVERY day.


School Fees  

School Fees 

This year the school fee is $12.00. Please make sure that you pay that as soon as you can. It needs to be paid by the end of September. If you need assistance for this fee please let me know so that it can be taken care of.

Parent Volunteers Information  

Parent Volunteer Information

Parent volunteers are always welcome in my classroom, just send in a note, e-mail or call before hand. I would be happy to have you come in and work with the students. In addition I welcome volunteers for special days in our classrooms such as parties, events, Fun Field Day and on Field Trips. J Just a reminder parent volunteers should remember to keep information about students/parents/families confidential. All volunteers will be required to have a background check and papers filled out from the office before volunteering or attending a Field Trip. If you are planning to volunteer or go on a Field Trip this year please get this filled out ASAP if you have not filled out this information from a previous school year.

Scholastic Reading Club  

Scholastic Book Orders

 Throughout the year, I will send home monthly book club order forms from Scholastic Books. The book club has some great books at very reasonable prices. Some books only cost $1.00. It is not mandatory for you to order books but it is an excellent opportunity to purchase books for your child, add to their home library and help our class earn FREE items for our class such as books or CD’s. Please remember to include your child's name on the order form and return the form and money by the due date. Just to let you know you may send cash or check write to Scholastics Book Order to order these books. Do not make checks out to Coleridge. 

Student Birthday Information  

Student Birthday Information

Birthdays are special occasions, and we enjoy celebrating them at school if you would like. We will celebrate them ONLY at lunch time. If you wish to send special treats for birthdays will serve them at lunchtime. If treats are brought after lunch we will wait until the next day, during lunch to serve them. All food for birthdays will have to be commercially purchased and brought in sealed according to Randolph County School Policy. However, it is not necessary to send treats, and whether or not treats are present, we will be sure to take a few moments to honor your child’s special day. I do ask that you please send me a note, e-mail, or call me to let me know you are bringing something before the given day. Thanks in advance.