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Ms.  Penny  Spencer
Kindergarten Teacher
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Supply List 


Supply List        

Book Bag (No Rolling Book Bags)

1 Crayon Box (no pouches)

2 boxes of Crayons at the beginning of school and 2 boxes after Christmas (8 pack)

2 Boxes of Tissues

(2 boxes after Christmas)

Hand sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Yellow Pencils (at least 24) (please no specialty pencils unless provided for the treasure box)

Pencil Top Erasers

Baby Wipes

2 Pink Pearl Erasers

Pump Soap

Glue Sticks


2-Composition Books,

2-Two Pocket Folders, 

Quart Ziploc Bags (Girls) & Gallon Size (boys) Baggies,1 box of sandwhich bags (everyone)

Change of clothes labeled in a plastic bag,

4 Pack of Play-Doh,

Clorox/Lysol Wipes.




Please do not put names on glue sticks, erasers, markers ect… because we have community sharing in our classroom. We will label the composition notebooks as well.




Wish List




Clorox or Lysol Sanitizing Wipes


Items for the Treasure Store (from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, ect…)


Assorted Pencils for Treasures

Assorted Small Erasers for Treasures

Baby wipes