Jamie Staley Staff Photo

Mrs. Staley`s Supply List 

Wish List 


vConstruction Paper


vHot gun glue sticks(Medium Size)


vPoster Board


vExpo Markers


vWashable Markers


vPermanent Markers


vNotebook Paper


vCopier Paper


vToys for Treasure Chest


vClear Masking Tape


vMasking Tape


vTwo Pocket Folders


vCraft Supplies






vAA & AAA Batteries


vAddress Labels


vColored Copy Paper


vGlue Sticks




vAnything you think might benefit our classroom I would love to have.J




Mrs. Staley’s K 1 Supply List

 v1 Hand Sanitizer

v1 pack of Pencil Top Erasers

v1 Bottle of Pump Soap

(Please NO Anti-Bacterial Soap)

vAt Least 4 Glue Sticks

v2 Composition Books

v2 Two Pocket Folders

v1 Change of Clothes

v1 Box of Sandwich Baggies - GIRLS

v1 Box of Gallon Size Baggies - BOYS

vClorox or Baby Wipes

v1” binder with protective slip on front.