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Spelling Test Words 

Sight Words:

Week 1: sad, mad, fast, back, list, him, with, but, run, fun, bad *September

Week 2: rand, that, than, this, pick, sick, fish, tub, cup, shut *grandparent

Week 3: last, past, wish, rick, big, just, must, much, jump, such *penny, nickel

Week 4: bed, let, men, them, then, when, yes, yet, lot, not, *dime, quarter

Week 5: best, help, kept, left, rest, lost, west, test, cost, spot *October

Week 6: page, place, space, state, plane, all, out, put, us, was *geoblock

Week 7: main, rain, paint, train, trail, said, saw, if, into, by *pumpkin

Week 8: clean, dream, each, mean, these, an, could, eat, happy, her *Halloween

Week 9: read, real, teach, leave, please, girl, because, as, want, fell *November

Week 10: deep, feel, feet, free, keep, after, better, called, sheep, cheek *election

Week 11: while, write, done, enough, even, stripe, slide, spine, drive, mile *Thanksgiving

Week 12: I'm, It's, been, dry, shy, try, why, mind, kind, butterfly, *tradition

Week 13: flight, high, light, goes, gone, head, lightning, night, might, right *December

Week 14: boat, live, bring, also, float, throat, goal, coast, roast, toad *vibrate

Week 15: long, morning, never, boot, food, moon, soon, school, room, too *resolution

Week 16: down, how, grow, know, snow, show, throw, wanted, think, until *January

Week 17: broke, close, those, next, off, once, choke, joke, nose, smoke *healthy

Week 18: away, day, may, play, say, way, stray, don't, didn't, always *February

Week 19: few, new, blew, chew, grew, knew, stew, another, ask, ate *one hundred

Week 20: for, fork, dark, park, part, start, yard, ever, every, family *valentine

Week 21: care, scared, more, store, before, stare, shore, first, its, only *journey

Week 22: hear, near, year, door, poor, floor, clear, other, people, really *March

Week 23: book, good, took, found, hour, round, sound, about, around, tried *weather

Week 24: size, nice, side, time, ride, fine, fire, life, line, sometimes *tornado

Week 25: old, both, cold, hold, told, most, home, hope, woke, their fireplace *rainbow

Week 26: came, gave, made, make, name, take, scrape, milkshake, walk, used * April

Week 27: seem, sleep, street, tree, week, here, upon, peach, sneaky, squeaky *springtime

Week 28: knife, knot, knee, knight, write, wrong, wrist, wreck, gnat, gnaw *recycle

Week 29: calf, cub, circle, cent, guess, goose, gave, giant, gym, germs *Sheriff

Week 30:three, thrill, threw, throat, shrimp, shred, shrink, square, swueeze, squirt *stagecoach

Week 31: scream, scrape, scrap, strong, stripe, struck, string, sprout, spread, sprain *cowboy

Week 32: once, chance, peace, twelve, solve, please, choose, false, freeze, snooze *butterflies

Week 33: ridge, judge, bridge, fudge, stage, huge, orange, change, range, sponge *Memorial Day

Week 34: march, catch, fetch, pitch, coach, beach, speech, lunch, pinch, search *summer



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